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Aromatic Herb Soy Candle Collection - Herbes Aromatiques Collection, Artisan Soy Handcrafted Candle


Image of Aromatic Herb Soy Candle Collection - Herbes Aromatiques Collection, Artisan Soy Handcrafted Candle

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The Herbes Aromatiques or “Aromatic Herb” Collection was inspired by the profusion of herbs growing in abundance in Provence. The French infuse herbs into almost every aspect of daily life. Herbs not only have alluring fresh aromas, but also have multitude of medicinal, culinary and body care uses. The candles in this collection are aligned with success, healing and serenity.

Rosemary Mint - I shine with success and good fortune
Mint carries the energy of prosperity, success and good luck. Paired with Rosemary’s uplifting energy of joy, happiness and blessings, Rosemary Mint is a powerful candle for bringing success and good fortune with lasting happiness.

Lavender - I emanate harmony and serenity
energetically aligned with peace and purification, its sweet, fresh aroma gives lavender a purifying energy bringing harmony, balance, peace and healing. The lavender candle’s affirmation is:

Chamomile Clove - I cultivate perfect health and healing
Chamomile’s soothing and nurturing energy promotes health, while Clove packs a punch of powerful purification energy for eradicating negativity and repelling disease and imbalances.

Each Green Gamine Artisan Candle is handcrafted in small batches using pure USA grown GMO-free soy wax to produce the highest quality eco product. 

Our soy wax and eco wicks are natural, biodegradable and clean burning - safe and healthy for both you and our planet. All tags and labels are made from recycled paper, and our glass jars are recyclable or can be reused around the home.

8 oz USA grown GMO-free soy wax
Eco wicks
Phthalate-free fragrances
Kraft Labels & tags printed on recycled paper
40+ hour burn time
Handmade in California

Three trees for three candles: Purchasing a Green Gamine Candle Helps the Planet!
Three trees will be planted by the non-profit organization "One Tree Planted" with every candle directly purchased from Green Gamine.