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Aromatic Home Collection - Feng Shui Inspired Soy Candle Collection


Image of Aromatic Home Collection - Feng Shui Inspired Soy Candle Collection

The Maison Aromatiques or "Aromatic Home" artisan soy candle collection is inspired by the ancient practice of Feng Shui designed to purify and transform the energy in your home. Using botanicals aligned with the energy of happiness, harmony and luck, each candle will uplift and refresh the ambiance of any home.

Green Bamboo = Lucky Home
Green Bamboo has been hailed for its lucky properties and promise of good fortune for centuries. Bamboo’s fresh and earthy green scent is gorgeously captured in this light and purifying scent.

Cheerful Lemon Citrus = Happy Home
Lemon is cheerful and stimulating while Orange is uplifting, balancing and revitalizing. Together, they create a refreshing scent that invigorates, cleanses and detoxifies any stagnant energy.

Sweet Almond Honey = Harmonious Home
Warm, nutty almond is lightly sweetened with honey in this lovely harmonizing candle. The soothing energy captured in this candle is sure to neutralize and sweeten any discordant energy stuck between four walls!

Each Green Gamine Artisan Candle is handcrafted in small batches using pure soy wax to produce the highest quality eco product. 

Our soy wax and eco wicks are natural, biodegradable and clean burning - safe and healthy for both you and our planet. All tags and labels are made from recycled paper, and our glass jars are recyclable or can be reused around the home.

8 oz soy wax
Eco wicks
Phthalate-free fragrance
Kraft Labels & tags printed on recycled paper
40+ hour burn time
Handmade in California

Three trees for three candles: Purchasing a Green Gamine Candle Helps the Planet!
One tree will be planted by the non-profit organization "One Tree Planted" with every candle directly purchased from Green Gamine.